Gluten free


The benefits of Hemp

Originating in Central Asia, hemp (not to be confused with its cousin, Cannabis Indica!) has been used for 8000 years for its seeds and fibres.  The Romans loved to eat the seeds covered with honey […]

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The health benefits of soya

Soya products are made from the seeds (“beans”) of a plant whose Latin name is Glycina Maxima. Soya is a plant in the leguminous family, measuring roughly 80cm high and producing hairy pods containing 2–5 […]

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The benefits of an animal-free diet

When aiming for a healthy diet, what could be more natural than to look for animal-free products? Health service professionals agree that our food intake should be more varied and incorporate more vegetable protein.

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The health benefits of rice

An ancestral cereal cultivated for 10,000 years and eaten the world over, rice is used to prepare drinks and desserts with a very smooth texture and taste.

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