A family business based in Brittany

Sojade is brought to you by Triballat Noyal, a family-run business for the past three generations, based in Brittany and founded in 1950.

  • The principle? That healthy food should taste good, too.
  • The goal? To put people and nature back at the heart of our approach to food. With this philosophy in mind, Triballat Noyal has been embracing organic farming for over 40 years now.

Supported by committed, passionate men and women, Triballat Noyal established the Sojade brand in 2002 and gradually widened its range of products.


Sojade, a gateway to the infinite world of plant-based goodness


Sojade offers over 40 different soya-, rice- and hemp-based, French-made products to tickle your taste-buds with every last bite!

Sojade's promise

Sojade brings you the very best that nature has to offer. We select the very best ingredients from the very best sources to ensure you enjoy tasty, eco-friendly products. From soya to rice or hemp, Sojade products are infinitely diverse.

Organic products made in France!

All Sojade products are organic
All Sojade products are made in France

Ingredients selected with the greatest care

Sojade’s organic soya is grown in France and guaranteed GMO-free.
The fruit purées used in our plant-based fruit desserts are made by us in the Haute-Savoie region of France
Sojade’s organic rice is grown in France and guaranteed GMO-free.
Our sugar, chocolate, cocoa and coffee are all sourced from fair-trade suppliers
100% French hemp

Delicious, balanced eating with Sojade

Sojade makes sure you get all the nutrition you need from a varied, balanced diet. Plant-based diets strike the perfect balance between healthy eating and delicious taste, while providing your body with the nutrients it needs.

Healthy products for all

Sojade products are gluten- and lactose-free
Sojade products are free from all animal-derived ingredients and are never tested on animals
Soya is low in saturated fatty acids and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Wholesome ingredients

Soya is a pulse that is naturally high in protein
Soy drinks contain calcium
The hemp desserts are a natural source of fatty acids
The hemp desserts are a natural source of Omega 3

Sojade and the environment

Triballat Noyal has always been conscious of its impact on the environment and aims to reduce it. The Sojade brand is committed to an all-encompassing eco-friendly approach to offering tasty products while protecting our planet.

Reduced environmental footprint

Soya needs minimal land and little water to grow, and generates low carbon emissions compared to animal proteins
A wind turbine has been set up on the site in order to reduce our environmental footprint
Deforestation: Using French soya is our way of helping to protect forests in South America
Our lorries use biodiesel fuel and all of our drivers are trained in eco-friendly driving techniques. -10% drop in carbon emissions since 2012
We aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 20% between 2015 and 2018 for every kilo we produce

Values inside and out

Pots are partially made with recycled and recyclable cardboard
Bisphenol A- and phthalate-free packaging

Sojade and sustainable development

For complete details on the sustainable development approach of Sojade, visit our website :